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Building Effective Strategic Presentations Workshop

Building Effective Strategic Presentations 

Learn the logical thinking and problem-solving process behind great strategic presentations.

Mekko Graphics is partnering with steercom–a leading management and communications consulting firm–to offer a one day workshop on December 3 in the Boston area.  The two princials at steercom–Wolfgang Hackenburg and Carsten Leminsky–have delivered this workshop to Fortune 100 companies in the US and Europe.  I attended one of their workshops earlier this year.

You will learn about building effective strategic presentations using tools and methodologies based on long-term top management consulting experience. Wolfgang and Carsten did an excellent job teaching managers how to structure a presentation.  They started with problem analysis, moved to story-lining and finished with slide content.  Their approach is excellent for Mekko Graphics users.  In the Boston workshop, I will show how you can use Mekko Graphics to create compelling visuals to support the presentation.  All attendees will get a free one year subscription to Mekko Graphics.

Click here for more information on the workshop.

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