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Market Analysis Toolkit


Strategy consultants are often engaged to analyze the market for a product line, business unit or entire company.  Charts play a critical role in communicating market size, growth and segmentation.  Marimekko charts are especially helpful for resenting information on differences

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Profit Improvement Analysis Toolkit

Profit Improvement Analysis

Strategy consultants are often engaged to recommend ways to improve an organization’s profit. They typically examine both ideas for increasing revenue and reducing costs. They will compare the target organization to its competitors and to other participants in its value

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Introducing Our Latest Version–Using Excel Colors in Charts

Insurance Market Segments

Some of our users have asked us to have Mekko Graphics use the cell background (fill) colors from Excel in their charts.  We added this change in our latest version.  You can either set these colors through Excel’s conditional formatting

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Building a Strategy Presentation

I did a webinar recently titled, “Building a Strategy Presentation.”  I outline the process from conceiving the idea through creating the slides.  The webinar is recorded and you can view it below: The slides for the webinar can be viewed

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Mekko Graphics is Now Multi-Lingual

Our most recent versions of Mekko Graphics are multi-lingual.  We improved the experience for our German speaking users by translating both our user interface and our help file into German.  If you install the latest version and your PowerPoint user

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English Premier League Transfer Window Spending Marimekko Chart

EPL January Transfer Window Spending

I’ve started watching the English Premier League this year.  I learned that in January clubs can buy, sell, loan or trade players with other clubs in England and around the world.  EPL clubs purchased 19 players in the January transfer

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Introducing Our Latest Version

I’m happy to announce that the latest version of Mekko Graphics is available for download on our web site.  This is a major release with many new features and an improved user interface. This is our Winter 2014 release, which

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Comparing SmartPhone Profit Margins

SmartPhone Profit Margins

Use a 100% stacked bar chart to compare profit margins across multiple products.  The chart below is based on data from this Wall Street Journal   article:  The article highlights the insight that the Moto G margins are much lower

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Adding Stoplight Charts and Value Chains to Your Presentation


Mekko Graphics add tools to enhance your PowerPoint tables.  You can add stoplight symbols to a cell in your table or convert the first row in your table to a value chain.  To access these functions: Insert a table into your PowerPoint

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Amazon’s Cost Advantage in a Cascade Chart

9-24-2013 12-33-10 PM

Ever wonder why Amazon can provide all sorts of products at very reasonable prices with free or very cheap shipping?  The cascade chart below shows one reason why.  Amazon’s cost structure is significantly lower than its multi-channel retail competitors. McKinsey

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