SmartPhone Profit Margins

Comparing SmartPhone Profit Margins

Use a 100% stacked bar chart to compare profit margins across multiple products.  The chart below is based on data from this Wall Street Journal   article:  The article highlights the insight that the Moto G margins are much lower than Galaxy S4 and iPhone margins.  Here’s the way I would present the data:

SmartPhone Profit Margins

I made a few changes to the 100% stacked bar to better highlight the margin differences:

  • removed the X and Y axes
  • added a data row to present the margins
  • added a data column to present the series names and moved the labels to the left of the chart
  • used contrasting colors from the Parade 15 pallette ( on each segment to highlight differences among products.

I think this chart is more effective than the ‘rectangle chart in the WSJ article.  What do you think?

Here’s the slide in PowerPoint for you to work with: