EPL January Transfer Window Spending

English Premier League Transfer Window Spending Marimekko Chart

I’ve started watching the English Premier League this year.  I learned that in January clubs can buy, sell, loan or trade players with other clubs in England and around the world.  EPL clubs purchased 19 players in the January transfer window.  You can see the list here.  I thought that a Marimekko chart might be a good way to summarize the transactions by player and by team.  Here’s the chart:EPL January Transfer Window Spending

The Marimekko chart highlights that two clubs did the majority of the spending.  Chelsea made one large acquisition to help it compete for first place.  Manchester United purchased three players to help it get into the top 4 and to get a berth in the Champions League. The clubs in the middle of the table and those fighting to stay out of the relegation zone bought more players at a lower cost per player.

Creating the chart was straightforward.  I copied the table from the web into Excel.  Created a PivotTable from the data.  Restricted the PivoTable to EPL clubs.  Copied the data in a Mekko Graphics Marimekko Chart.  Formatted the chart so that biggest series were on the bottom and biggest bars on the left.  Formatted my values to show them in thousands of pounds.  Chose the Parade 21 color palette so that each player would have a unique color.  Formatted my labels so that the smaller purchases were visible.

Here’s the PowerPoint slide with the Mekko Graphics Chart in SlideShare.  Have fun playing with it.