Harvard MBA Jobs

Harvard MBA Class of 2015 Job Profile

Three-fourths of the Harvard Business School Class of 2015 took jobs in financial services, consulting and technology firms.  The others went to health care, manufacturing, government and non-profit organizations.

Their roles reflect this as well with most going into finance and consulting positions.  Only 14% went into general management with others taking marketing, business development and planning jobs.

Not surprisingly, the most popular jobs and industries are also the highest paying with median starting salaries of $140,000.  The charts below, based on data provided by Harvard Business School, summarizes MBA career choice by industry and function and includes median salary data.

Harvard MBA Jobs

The two 100% stacked bar charts, placed side-by-side provide the career data by industry and function.  The charts are aligned and use the same color palette to show the parallels between industry and function.  Median salary by industry and function is included in data rows that align with the bar segments.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: