Total Spending and Costume Breakdown for Halloween 2015

How Much Do Americans Spend on Halloween?

Every year Halloween seems to become a bigger holiday.  In the US, we spent about $7 billion this Halloween on costumes, decorations and candy this year.  Who did we dress in costumes?  Adult and children’s costumes accounted for $1.2B and $1.0B, respectively.  Our pets wore costumes costing almost $400 million.  The chart below, based on data from a National Retail Federation survey, summarizes 2015 Halloween spending.

Halloween Spend

This chart is a simple example of using an exploding bar in a 100% stacked bar chart.  The first bar splits Halloween spending into four major segments.  The second bar explodes the costume segment into three sub-segments.  I used linked lines to show the explosion.  I also emphasized the relationship between the costume segment in the first bar and the sub-segments in he second bar by using shades of the costume color for the adult, children’s and pet sub-segments.  I showed both dollar and bar percentage values for each segment to give you a sense of the size of the segments and sub-segments.  For fun, I added a data column with the most popular costumes in each sub-segment.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit: