Mekko Graphics is a leading tool that empowers professionals to create data-driven, insightful charts. Our software provides three unique chart types not found in PowerPoint or Excel—the Marimekko, Bar Mekko and Cascade (Waterfall) charts. In addition, the Mekko Graphics tool allows users to add enhancements to charts, including growth, average, comparison or regression lines, axis breaks, data rows and CAGR columns. Mekko Graphics is compatible with all relevant MS Office installations, including Office 2013.  An OS X version of Mekko Graphics is also available.


Improve both the visual appeal and the impact of your presentations

Translate even the most complex data into simple, powerful charts

Highlight key insights and guide your audience to action items

Easily manage the look and feel of your charts for better consistency

Increase your productivity by eliminating the need for complex workarounds in PowerPoint or Excel