The Mekko Graphics API is an application programming interface that can be used by desktop and Web-based applications to generate Mekko Graphics charts and produce PowerPoint presentations automatically.

Mekko Graphics API Integration

Automate Repetitive Charting Tasks

The Mekko Graphics API can retrieve updated data, manipulate and format it, and create charts in PowerPoint. This significantly reduces the effort required to recreate your presentation when your data changes.

Mekko Graphics API Application

Empower Ad-hoc Analysis

Producing presentations based on information from your data warehouse has never been easier. The Mekko Graphics API can create charts directly from data stored in enterprise databases. With the API, users can select the data slices they want to display, and create a presentation that they can then deliver to senior management or key customers.

Polish with Mekko Graphics

Because charts produced by the API are standard Mekko Graphics charts, they can be edited in PowerPoint using Mekko Graphics.