Using Mekko Graphics with Excel

In this webinar we show you how to use Mekko Graphics with Excel to improve your productivity.

Here are some of the topics covered in this training:
• Linking existing charts in PowerPoint to Excel to facilitate easy updates
• Creating a chart in Excel using a pivot table
• Adding charts to a monthly reporting package in Excel

View or download the deck used in this webinar here.

Analyze a Market

In this webinar we demonstrate how to analyze a market and communicate your analysis using a range of Mekko Graphics charts. We show you how to present market segments and competitors and highlight growth and profitability.

You can download the presentation used in this webinar here.

Choosing a Chart

In this webinar, we discuss the process of choosing the best chart based on the question you are trying to answer or the message you are trying to convey. We show you a wide range of sample charts which you can take and modify for your presentations.

You can download the presentation used in this webinar here.

Market Maps

In this webinar, we  focus on creating Market Maps using Mekko Graphics. We begin by showcasing sample Market Maps to demonstrate the power of this chart type. We also discuss the overall approach, including data collection, and show the you the key steps to creating a Market Map. Throughout this webinar, we feature tips and tricks that will help you add impact to your Market Maps. A  live question and answer session will conclude this webinar.

You can download the deck used in this webinar here.

Build a Strategy Presentation

Learn how to tackle a strategy problem, structure a set of charts to address the problem and create those charts in Mekko Graphics.