Excel Functionality

Learn how to use the full range of Excel functionality in Mekko Graphics to improve your productivity, including creating and editing a chart in Excel. See examples on how to link an existing chart in PowerPoint to Excel and automatically update the chart as your data changes.

Enhanced Sorting

Learn how to use the wide range of sorting options in Mekko Graphics. This feature allows you to save time by quickly evaluating various sort options without altering your underlying data.

Preference Manager

Learn how to use the Preference Manager to select colors, fonts and other formats to save time when creating and updating charts.

All About CAGRs

Learn how to calculate a CAGR in the Mekko Graphics data editor or in Excel. See how CAGR columns and CAGR growth lines can enhance your charts and make your message clear.

Axis Breaks

Learn how to manage outliers in your data using axis breaks.

Data Rows and Data Columns

Learn how to add data rows and data columns to your charts to highlight key conclusions. See examples of how information in a data row or column can influence the message on your slide.

Conditional Formatting

Learn how  to apply chart colors using conditional formatting in Excel.