Last Week’s Sales Activity in 3 Marimekko Charts

I track three types of sales activity–new opportunities, opportunities won and opportunities lost.  I make a separate Marimekko chart for each.  The first chart contains new opportunities by product line:

Marimekko Chart Showing New Opportunities by Product Line

Each segment represents a new opportunity added last week.  You should include customer name and type of opportunity in the segment description.  Senior management gets both an overall sense of new activity and can see and possibly assist with specific opportunities.

The second chart contains opportunities won by product line.  It’s a great way to share and celebrate wins.  You can even highlight an important win in red.Marimekko Chart Showing Deals Won by Product LineThe third chart shows opportunities lost.  This is grouped by pipeline stage.  The message isn’t positive, but it is important.

Marimekko Chart Showing Deals Lost by Product Line These charts are part of a sales pipeline dashboard that you can produce weekly.  Here is the full dashboard in SlideShare:

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