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Getting started with the latest version of Mekko Graphics using Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013.

Charting Strategy

Market Analysis Toolkit


Strategy consultants are often engaged to analyze the market for a product line, business unit or entire company.  Charts play a critical role in communicating market size, growth and segmentation.  Marimekko charts are especially helpful for resenting information on differences in market segmentation by region by competitor and by product line.  This toolkit presents a set of charts that do the following: map markets by competitor, product line, and geography assess the full potential of a market provide an overview of market  segmentation, growth and profitability. The charts can be used as part of a strategic analysis to present a market overview to senior Read more

Profit Improvement Analysis Toolkit

Profit Improvement Analysis

Strategy consultants are often engaged to recommend ways to improve an organization's profit. They typically examine both ideas for increasing revenue and reducing costs. They will compare the target organization to its competitors and to other participants in its value chain. There are some excellent charts that help consultants identify opportunities for profit improvement. I created a presentation that includes many of these charts and explains how they are used. The presentation contains examples of: profit pools--analysis of the profits for each component of the industry's value chain competitor profit and market share bubble chart--comparing return on sales and relative market share for Read more

Introducing Our Latest Version--Using Excel Colors in Charts

Insurance Market Segments

Some of our users have asked us to have Mekko Graphics use the cell background (fill) colors from Excel in their charts.  We added this change in our latest version.  You can either set these colors through Excel's conditional formatting or by clicking on a cell or selecting a cell range and using the ribbon or the toolbar to choose a cell background color.  If you want Mekko Graphics to use these colors in your chart, do the following: copy your data from Excel into the Mekko Graphics data editor in the Style tab of the Format Chart task pane, click "Apply Read more

Building a Strategy Presentation

I did a webinar recently titled, "Building a Strategy Presentation."  I outline the process from conceiving the idea through creating the slides.  The webinar is recorded and you can view it below: The slides for the webinar can be viewed and downloaded here: There is a strong demand among our customers and prospects for tips on how to use our charts in strategy presentations to senior management.  It's important to step back on look at the process of building a strategy presentation.  It starts with understanding your audience and your role.  These tasks should be performed before you open PowerPoint.  It Read more

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View and download our past presentations from blogs, webinars and in-person presentations.

We are offer FREE webinars every month. We will explore topics that will help you learn to use Mekko Graphics and effective charting techniques and methods.

Webinar Schedule:

Our next webinar is October 8th 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM ET

Here you can watch our past webinars, training sessions and short tutorials.

Mekko Graphics Training
Mekko Graphics Training Agenda 
In this training webinar we demonstrate how to use each chart type to deliver insights and how to utilize the key features of Mekko Graphics to create more compelling charts. We highlight a diverse set of features, including new functionality from our most recent release. Here are some of the features covered in this training:

  • Creating and updating charts directly from Excel using an Excel Add-in (New)
  • Using the Preference Manager to change the look and feel of charts, including the use of Mekko Graphics custom color palettes
  • Calculating CAGRs in the Mekko Graphics data sheet and adding a CAGR column
  • Adding regression lines, growth lines and average lines to enhance chart impact
  • Applying cell colors from Excel to charts (New)
  • Inserting axis breaks
  • Changing the value scale for a chart without altering the underlying data (New)
Mekko Graphics Training Webinar

Charting Webinars

Introduction to the New Mekko Graphics

The newest version of Mekko Graphics offers a fresh, new look and exciting new features, allowing you to create smarter, higher quality, insightful charts faster and more easily.
Version 6.7 enhancements include:

  • An updated, modern default color palatte that ensures quickly created charts look great right out of the box
  • An all new Office 2013 “look”, using Task Panes, which replace the old style dialog boxes
  • A markedly improved label formatting and handling capability, resulting in more professional charts and a more streamlined user experience

Watch the recorded webinar:

See what's new in Mekko Graphics 6.7

Mekko Graphics: A Tool for Marketing Professionals

If you are a market researcher, marketing analytics manager, category manager or product manager, this webinar will show you the key charts and features of Mekko Graphics that are most helpful to you.
Here is a quick summary:

  • cascade charts show the factors that caused an increase in revenue from year-to-year
  • growth lines and CAGR columns highlight overall growth and growth by product line, channel or industry vertical
  • bar comparison lines focus attention on changes between two specific time periods
  • axis breaks allow you to collapse outlier data and highlight the most relevant changes
  • Marimekko charts map markets along two dimensions (e.g., revenue by competitor and region).

Watch the recorded webinar:

Mekko Graphics For Marketing Professionals

View and download the slides here.

Automating Your Mekko Graphics Charts

Many of our customers produce the same presentations every week or month.  While the data changes, the charts stay the same.  The presentations could be weekly sales dashboards or monthly departmental status reports.  If the reporting data is in Microsoft Excel, you can use the Mekko Graphics “Link to Excel” feature to speed up the production of these reports. Alternatively, you can use our Application Programming Interface (API) to move data directly from your data warehouse into a Mekko Graphics presentation.  Sometimes the charts created by your reporting system or analytics tools aren’t polished enough to share with senior management or key customers.  Using the Mekko Graphics API, your enterprise data can flow seamlessly into a high quality and visually appealing PowerPoint presentation.

Watch the recorded webinar:

Automating Your Mekko Graphics Charts

View and download the slides here. Download the source code presented in the webinar here. What you will learn:

  • how to set up Excel and Mekko Graphics so that “Link to Excel” will automatically update your charts
  • how you can edit the “Link to Excel” charts to customize their look after your data is updated
  • how “Link to Excel” works in an end-to-end example
  • how the Mekko Graphics API can be used to create charts based on data from your enterprise database or data warehouse
  • how users can create a semi-custom presentation with the API–changing product lines, time periods or geographies
  • how users can fine tune their API- generated presentations using the Mekko Graphics user interface and PowerPoint

Building a Sales Pipeline Dashboard with Mekko Graphics

For many companies, the sales pipeline is the leading indicator of future revenue.  Tracking deals in the pipeline by product line, industry vertical, sales region and pipeline stage can provide senior management with valuable insights into future profitability.  It can also alert sales managers to problems before they hit the income statement.  In this webinar, we will build a sales pipeline dashboard that can be used in a variety of settings including B2B industrial sales, professional services, and any other sales organization that has a defined pipeline.

Sales Pipeline Dashboard in Mekko Graphics from MekkoGraphics What you will learn:

  • how to represent your current sales pipeline by stage
  • how to represent the estimated value of your pipeline
  • how to present a gap analysis to show how much more you need to add to the pipeline to meet your sales target
  • how to track your close rate by pipeline stage, industry, product line or sales region
  • how to track the time to close for deals in different pipeline stages
  • how to present information on sales won and sales lost by pipeline stage, industry, product line or sales region

Building Effective Strategic Charts

Learn how to tackle a strategy problem, structure a set of charts to address the problem and create those charts in Mekko Graphics.

Watch the recorded webinar:

Mekko Graphics Webinar "Building Effective Strategic Charts"

View and Download the slide deck here. In this webinar: We will examine a company wanting to increase revenue and profit. We will show you how to answer key questions such as:

  • Where is my revenue coming from now?
  • What are the trends over time?
  • How can I drill down into a specific dimension such as revenue by region or market segment?
  • How can I show trends in future growth?
  • How will my proposed changes impact profit?

We will show you which Mekko Graphics charts are appropriate to present answers to each of these questions.  You will learn how to use the following charts in a strategy presentation:

  • Marimekko
  • Bar-mekko
  • Cascade
  • 100% stacked bar

Short Tutorials

Learn how to do specific tasks with these concise handy videos. We will be adding more periodically so stay tuned for more videos.

Mekko Graphics Quick Start

See what’s new in our Latest release
(run time: 4:38 Seconds)
Mekko Graphics – How to Create a Marimekko Chart

Watch how easy it is to create a Marimekko chart.
(run time: 2:10 minutes)
Mekko Graphics – How to Create a Bar Mekko Chart

Watch how easy it is to create a Bar Mekko chart.
(run time: 3:21 minutes)
Mekko Graphics – How to Create a Cascade Chart

Watch how easy it is to create a Cascade chart.
(run time: 3:20 minutes)
Axis Breaks

Watch how to use axis breaks in Mekko Graphics.
(run time: 1:44 minutes)
Mekko Graphics Preference Manager

Watch an overview of the Mekko Graphics Preference Manager.
(run time: 3:55 minutes)
Mekko Graphics Link to Excel

Watch an overview of how to link to Excel in Mekko Graphics.
(run time: 3:25 minutes)
Data Rows and Data Columns in Mekko Graphics

Watch an overview of how to use data rows and columns in Mekko Graphics.
(run time: 4:54 minutes)

Click on the thumbnails to learn about the variety of strategic charts available with Mekko Graphics software and how they address your business presentation needs.

Using the Mekko Graphics Portal

It’s fast and easy to use our Mekko Graphics Portal to add users to an active serial number, renew an expired serial number, or renew a serial number that expires within 60 days.

Your portal username is your email address.

On your first visit to the portal, enter your username in the “New Purchasers” section, and click the Submit button to have a temporary password emailed to you. If you have any problem accessing the portal, please contact us at Be sure to include your serial number along with a description of the problem.

Mekko Graphics Portal

This video demonstrates how to use our portal to add and renew Mekko Graphics licenses.

Mekko Graphics Current Version Help

Use the slider below to view the sample presentation. More detailed information about the individual charts is presented below.

View example slides individually

Click on individual images to enlarge and see more detailed information.

Downloadable Custom Palettes

Our latest version of Mekko Graphics now gives you the ability to have multiple custom palettes for your charts. Here you will find palettes that we have created to make it easy for you to download and change the look of your charts quickly. Some palettes look better than others on projectors or printed; be sure to test them for your intended use.

Blue and Green

This contiguous palette creates a bi-chromatic chart in cool subdued hues.
Palettes Available:  21, 15, 10, 6


This zesty palette is great for complex charts. Its draw order is contiguous.
Palettes Available:  21, 15, 10, 6

Heating Up

This bright palette is great for complex charts. Its draw order is contiguous.
Palettes Available:  25, 21, 15, 10, 6


This subdued palette is good for charts requiring contrast between segments.
Palettes Available: 25, 21, 15, 10, 6


This subdued palette is good for charts requiring contrast between segments.
Palettes Available:  25, 21, 15, 10, 6

Khaki and Denim

This subdued palette great for complex charts. Its draw order is contiguous.
Palettes Available:  21, 15, 10, 6

Hearts and Spades

This bi-chromatic palette is good for highlighting specific chart series.
Palettes Available:  21, 15, 10, 6

Subdued Spectrum

This broad spectrum palette works well for heat map style charts.
Palettes Available:  25, 21, 15, 10, 6


This bright palette contains clusters with distinct color separations.
Palettes Available: 25, 21, 15, 10, 6

Sand and Sea

This subdued palette contains cool tones and bright highlight colors.
Palettes Available:  21, 15, 10, 6


This bright palette contains clusters with distinct color separations.
Palettes Available: 25, 21, 15, 10, 6

Moss and Rocks

This subdued palette contains cool tones and bright highlight colors.
Palettes Available:  21, 15, 10, 6

Current Version Prerequisites

If you are having trouble opening an older chart, please first check if you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Extended installed on your machine. This is a necessary component to open some older charts. You can download Microsoft .NET Extended from here. If you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Extended already installed, there is a possibility that this chart has become corrupted and you will have to recreate the chart. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Current Version
Mekko Graphics 5
Mekko Graphics 4
Operating System
Windows 8 (32- or 64-bit)
Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)
Windows Vista
Windows XP Professional Edition (SP 3)
Microsoft Office Version
Office 2013 (32- or 64-bit)
Office 2010 (32- or 64-bit) Service Pack 1
Office 2007 Service Pack 3
Office 2003
Office XP

Technical Support

The Mekko Graphics Customer Support team strives to provide customers with the best possible service. We offer a variety of ways to help you speed deployment, reduce downtime, and maximize the usefulness of your Mekko Graphics software. Whether it is Alerts, FAQs, the Mekko Forum, email support services, or our Online Help, our experts try to answer all of your questions quickly and effectively. Our email is monitored all day and we strive to respond to all inquiries within one business day.


The discussion forum was built for you, our community of users. This is the place for you to build community, discuss your questions and issues, and provide tips for other Mekko Graphics users. We invite you to post your support questions, post tips and share your charting knowledge with others.

General Support

Mekko Graphics is proud to offer free email support. Our support email is monitored throughout the day and we aim to respond to your inquiry within 1 business day. To contact Mekko Graphics by phone, please call 781-250-2001 and press option 3.


Release History

Mekko Graphics Release Notes ...

Mekko Graphics Release Notes Overview – This major release introduces several new features: Ability to import Mekko Graphics-supported chart types from Microsoft Graph and create a comparable Mekko Graphics chart. Mekko Graphics imports all data, axis information, and series definition (i.e. Read more

Mekko Graphics Release Notes ...

Overview – This major release introduces a new feature, an improved Excel integration, allowing users to set segment colors based on spreadsheet fill colors from within Excel. Instead of having to edit colors through Mekko Graphics in PowerPoint, you can now apply Read more

Mekko Graphics Release Notes ...

Overview – This release is a minor update to Mekko Graphics 6.7.4 This version has a user interface in German as well ad English and a help file in German.   UI and help will be in German when PowerPoint is Read more

Mekko Graphics Release Notes ...

Overview – This release is a minor update to Mekko Graphics 6.7.2 Corrected Issues: Fixed: Double-clicking in read only presentation crashes PowerPoint Fixed: Setting values in format chart does not work for data rows Fixed: Hidden “Other series” labels reappear on close and re-open Fixed: Read more

Mekko Graphics Release Notes ...

Overview – This major release introduces several new features and ensures it is compatible with the latest in MS Platform and Office technologies. An updated, modern default color palette that ensures quickly created charts look great right out of the box An all Read more

Strategy Consultants’ Presentation Toolkit

Selling Complex Business Ideas with Better, More Powerful Charting

Sign up today to get the Mekko Graphics Strategy Consultants’ Presentation Toolkit. It contains a wealth of ideas on how to better format and present your data to support your presentation’s core ideas and recommendations.

What’s inside?

  • A slide deck of example charts that show how to present your data in a more powerful, professional and persuasive way.
  • Includes multiple new ideas on displaying multidimensional data, depicting a drill down to detail, and tracking trends over time.
  • The slides in this toolkit are all data-driven and will provide a charting and data presentation approach that you can adopt for your own work.  You can even copy and adapt them for your own presentations.
  • Plus, we will point you to examples of data-driven presentations prepared by Bain & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Company, and The Parthenon Group.
  • Everything you need is included, even a free fully functional copy of our Mekko Graphics software.

Get Started on a Better Presentation Today

To get started, simply enter your name and email at left and you will get immediate access to the entire Mekko Graphics Strategy Consultants’ Presentation Toolkit. Once you do, simply download the files and you’ll be building better more persuasive and impressive presentations in minutes.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at (781) 250-2001 or

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