Marrimekko Chart Showing IT Spending by Customer Size and Solution Type

Using a Marimekko Chart to Map a Market

Consultants and strategic analysts often want to map a market along two dimensions to answer questions like: what is my revenue by product line and region? or in which markets are my competitors relatively weak? This three slide deck  shows you how to use a Marimekko chart and an Area chart to map an IT services market.

Marimekko chart showing IT Spending by Customer Size and Solution Type

The Marimekko chart is an excellent tool to show how your market is segmented along two dimensions.  In this case, we map the IT services market by customer size and service type.  We use dark blue to highlight the collaboration solutions segment.

Total Market Size
This area chart shows the ten year growth in each segment.  The collaboration segment has higher growth than the two larger segments—infrastructure and ERP/CRM.
Marimekko Chart mapping Collaboration Spending by Region and Customer Size
We can then use another Marimekko chart to drill down into the collaboration segment and view it by region and customer size.  We highlighted the medium-sized customers in the Southeast as a potential competitive opportunity.
Market maps can be a powerful tool to present a picture of your industry.  The key is to determine the dimensions that best illustrate opportunities for growth or competitive threats.  Try to map your market by:
  • Customer segment
  • Cuomer size
  • Channel
  • Major competitor
  • Geography
  • Product
  •  Technology

Download or view the full presentation to learn how to jumpstart your market maps today.