Using a Marimekko Chart to Show Billable Hours by Client and Project

Where did we spend our billable time last week?  Answering this question lets you know if you’re servicing too many or too few clients or if your dependent on a few large projects or are spreading yourself too thin over many smaller projects.  In our weekly professional services dashboard, I used a Marimekko chart to show billable hours by client and within each client by project.  Here’s an example:

Billable Hours by Client and Project--Marimekko Chart

It looks like our top five clients make up about 80% of the total billable hours.  These clients have one or two large projects.  This is probably a healthy mix of clients and projects.  I’d be concerned if there were many smaller clients (under 10% of total billings) or many smaller projects.  I’d also be concerned if one client made up over 40% of billable hours.  If you look at this Marimekko every week, you can develop your own rules for what is a good mix of clients and projects.

In my dashboard, I also did a similar Marimekko for the upcoming week.  You can see this Marimekko and the rest of the dashboard in the SlideShare deck below:

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