Comparing internet and mobile penetration in developed and developing world

Where Will Internet Usage Grow Most?

Internet usage in Asia and Africa lag significantly behind Europe and the Americas.  In the Asia & Pacific region, with over 4 billion people, almost 3 times as many people use cell phones as use the internet.  The gap between internet and cell phone usage is significantly smaller in Europe and the Americas.  As smartphones replace cell phones, we should see a big increase in internet usage in these less developed regions.  The data from the ITU is summarized in the charts below.


The bar-mekko charts allow you to show both usage rate and market size in the same chart by setting the bar heights to be the internet and cell phone usage rates and the widths to be the region population.  Unlike a simple bar chart, the bar-mekko focuses your attention on the largest regions.  I used two bar-mekkos and aligned them to contrast internet and cell phone usage.  I set the charts to be the same height by adjusting the Y axis maximum to permit easy comparisons between cell phone and internet usage.  I added a data row to the bottom chart so that you can see the population data.  This provides all the data (i.e., usage rates and population) behind the chart for the reader.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download: