Bar Mekko Chart Projected During a Meeting
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Laptop with Marimekko Chart (Mekko Chart)

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Cascade Chart of Revenue Change Projected on Conference Room Wall
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Strategy Consultant

Strategy professionals use Mekko Graphics charts to deliver insights and action plans.

Marketing Professional

Marketers rely on Mekko Graphics when communicating results and recommendations.

Finance Professional

Financial professionals use Mekko Graphics to translate complex data into simple but powerful charts.

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Steps to follow when you create a chart.

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A chart gallery to help you get inspired.

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Features to help you make great charts and save time.

Sharpen Your Skills

Resources to make you a charting expert.

Chart of the Week Logo

David Goldstein, President of Mekko Graphics, shares a chart each week using interesting data or topics in the news. He highlights the key insight for each chart and describes how he uses different features in Mekko Graphics to make the chart more compelling.

In the Build Your CQ blog, we feature tips and tricks to help you improve your charting prowess. You can learn how to use color strategically, save time or add impact to your charts. These short posts are designed to inspire both novices and charting wizards.

Strategy Consultants’ Presentation Toolkit

Use this toolkit to learn how to turn data into a compelling and persuasive presentation.

Marimekko, Bar Mekko, Cascade, Bubble, Bar and Line Charts Created Using Mekko Graphics