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Do you spend hours trying to transform complex data and analysis into insightful presentations?

Other Charts Aren’t Effective

PowerPoint and Excel charts are not ideal for presenting insights. You must use several basic charts instead of a single, powerful chart.

Data Manipulation Takes Time

Preparing your data to create charts is time consuming. When your data changes, you often need to repeat the work.

Workarounds Are Frustrating

You're manually altering your charts for better results. When you need to make your point, you add text boxes or shapes to your charts.

Create More Persuasive Charts and Slides in Less Time

Share Your Story

Communicate more clearly using powerful charts with analytical enhancements. Make your analysis accessible with simple, but persuasive presentations.

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Monitor with Auto Industry Profitability Bubble Chart

Reduce Production Time

Spend less time editing your slides and more time perfecting your delivery. Simplify your charts without extensive data manipulation or formatting. Set your preferences once for more consistent charts. 


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