Horizontal stacked bar chart showing touring, recording and publishing revenue by artist

20 Highest Paid Musicians in 2015

Taylor Swift led the way earning over $73 million in 2015, according to Billboard.  Kenny Chesney and the Rolling Stones were 2nd and 3rd, each earning just under $40 million.  All three, along with almost all of the other top 20, made most of their earnings from touring.  Adele was the most prominent exception.  She did not tour at all and still made over $20 million.  She earned more from recordings than any of her peers.  The chart below breaks out earnings into touring, recording (including streaming) and publishing:

Highest Paid Musicians

The horizontal stacked bar chart allows you to view, in order from top down, the 20 highest paid musicians.  I used a data column to show the percentage each artist earned from touring to highlight the importance of this revenue source for almost all artists.  I bolded the two exceptions (Adele and Ed Sheeran).  I also removed the horizontal axis and altered the maximum value for this axis to bring the bars close to the data column.  I hid my series labels and used a legend (shown in the white space at the bottom of the chart) to identify the earnings categories.  I also tried to display different numbers of musicians in the chart.  I found that for a horizontal chart in a standard landscape PowerPoint slide the maximum number of rows was about 20.  To display more musicians, you could use a portrait slide or a vertical bar chart.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: