50 Most Innovative Fintechs

Led by Stripe, payments is the largest category among the Forbes 50 Most Innovative Fintech Companies in 2019, as shown in this Marimekko chart.  Credit Karma is the largest of the Forbes 50 with a $869M market capitalization, leading the personal finance category.  Other large fintechs on the list are Robinhood ($539M market cap in the investing category), Coinbase ($525M in crypto and blockchain) and Kabbage ($489M in lending). 

Forbes 50 Innovative Fintechs as a Marimekko Chart with Data Row

Marimekko chart of Forbes 50 innovative fintechs in 2019 grouped by category

How I Made This Marimekko Chart with Data Row

The Forbes list of 50 innovative fintechs included company name, category, market capitalization and location.  I copied and paste the data into Excel, used Excel functions to convert the market cap data from text to numeric, and created a PivotTable.  The image below shows the data and PivotTable:  

Data for Marimekko chart of Forbes 50 innovative fintechs in 2019 grouped by category

 Here's how I made the Marimekko chart with data row:

  • select the data from the PivotTable (excluding totals) and create a Marimekko chart in PowerPoint from the Mekko Graphics ribbon in Excel
  • add a row to the Mekko Graphics Data Editor with a formula to compute the number of companies in each category
  • indicate that this row should be displayed as a data row by using the right-click menu in the data editor
  • in Format Chart, set the sorting for series to biggest on bottom and to bars for widest on left
  • set the number formats for bar totals, grand total, and segment values
  • display the segment labels and values in each segment
  • choose By Series After Sort as the coloring mode
  • in Format Axes, hide the axis lines and tick marks and add a y axis title
  • edit the data for Gemini so that it is not a zero value and hence displays in the charts (e.g., change value to .1)
  • annotate the labels in the smaller segments
  • adjust the internal margins
  • align the annotated labels
  • uncheck autowrap to display the data row label on one line

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics. See more Marimekko charts in our chart gallery. Here are some other charts that may be of interest: