Marimekko Chart of Net Worth for Individuals by Sector

50 Wealthiest People in the World

Consumer and technology are the largest sources of wealth for the top 50 billionaires in the world.  Americans dominate the list and include Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Koch brothers, and the Mars and Walmart heirs.  The Marimekko chart below, based on data from WealthX summarizes their relative wealth:

50 Wealthiest

The Marimekko chart organizes the 50 by industry, allowing you to see the relative size of each industry as a source of wealth.  I used color as an added dimension by custom-coloring each segment based on the nationality of the person.  I added rows to my data table for each country and gave each zero value, allowing me to show each country as a legend item.  I then customized the legend to hide the names and show only the countries.  I applied a custom color to the individuals in each country and the country name.  I also grouped the colors by region: Americas are shades of gray, Europe shades of blue, Asia shades of green and Africa in orange.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: