Stacked bar chart of mobile 5G subscriptions by technology from 2020-2026.

5G Projected Growth

Mobile 5G subscriptions are projected to grow 59% annually over the next 6 years, increasing from .2B in 2020 to 3.5B in 2026. Data from the Ericsson Mobility Report are shown in a stacked bar chart with CAGR column. In contrast, total mobile subscription growth will only grow 2% annually.

LTE is the current dominant technology with 4.7B subscribers--59% of the total in 2020. LTE is projected to account for only 45% or 3.9B subscribers in 2026. Its subscriber base will decline 3% annually over the next 6 years. 

5G Projected Growth in a Stacked Bar Chart with CAGR Column


How I Made this Stacked Bar Chart 

The 5G data I used to create the chart is pictured below:


Here's how I made the chart:

  • download the Ericsson Mobility Report data from their website into Excel
  • create a PivotTable of mobile technologies by year
  • make a stacked bar chart in PowerPoint based on the data range from the PivotTable
  • add the CAGR column to the Mekko Graphics Data Editor using the built-in CAGR formula
  • in Format Bars and Series, designate the CAGR column and include the CAGR total
  • in the same form, designate Other Technologies as an "Other Series" and add CDMA and WCDMA/HSPA into the Other Series
  • use data scaling in Numbers to change subscribers from millions to billions
  • add B as units for bar totals and segment values
  • show values and percentages in segment labels
  • add legend and align with CAGR column
  • include y axis title and hide other parts of y axis and x axis line
  • adjust series colors and internal chart margins

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

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