Founded in 1995 as Knowledge Management Associates, we are a leader in strategic charting. Our software was developed in conjunction with a top tier strategy consulting firm and it has been used by leading consultancies, private equity firms and global companies for more than 20 years. Mekko Graphics enables users to utilize unique chart types and add analytical enhancements that result in more compelling and insightful charts. Our customers note that Mekko Graphics improves both the productivity of strategy, marketing and finance professionals and the quality of their presentations.


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I Heart Keenwah

I Heart Keenwah uses Mekko Graphics to make quinoa part of your daily diet.

Grupo Gayosso

Gruppo Gayosso uses Mekko Graphics to assess its full operating potential


Travelocity moves the needle on their P&L with Mekko Graphics charts

A Better Chicago

A Better Chicago Delivers on Venture Philanthropy Mission


Incoho Saves $35 million with Mekko Graphics charts