Americans perceive that fast food workers' jobs are most likely to be automated in their lifetimes and nurses' jobs are the least likely. They also think their own jobs are not very likely to be automated. Other jobs likely to be automated are insurance claims processors and software engineers. Results of the Pew Research Study are presented in this stacked bar chart.

Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart

Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart of American's Fear of Automation by Profession

How I Created The Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart

I saw this chart on the Pew Research website and it was one of their top charts for 2017.  I liked both the message of the chart and the chart's design.  I realized that I could make a very similar chart, relatively easily, using Mekko Graphics. I opened a new horizontal stacked bar chart and added the data from the Pew Research chart. Then, I added some new columns with formulas.  Two columns had the 'Not at all' and 'Not very' data with signs reversed. This allowed me to show them as to the left of my axis. I also added the two positive columns to create the 'Net likely' data row. To make the professions appear on one line, I separated each word with a non-breaking space in the data editor (Alt-0160).

Then, I did my chart formatting.  I used a custom sort to get the four series to display from least to most likely from left to right. I formatted the negative numbers so that their signs did not appear. I also manually edited the labels for the top bar to show the percentage signs. I added a legend at the top of the chart and I also added the chart description  information as a y axis title.

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics.

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