Marimekko chart of uninsured Americans by eligibility for financial assistance and Medicaid and Non-Medicaid expansion states for 2016 in a stacked bar chart

Americans Without Health Insurance

Even after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, there are 27 million non-elderly Americans who do not have health insurance.  Almost 12 million are eligible for medicaid or tax credits and have not opted to take advantage of these benefits.  Almost 13 million are not eligible for aid. They earn too much, have access to an employee sponsored plan, or have an ineligible immigration status.  Ten percent of the ineligible live in one of the non-medicaid expansion states.  These 2.6 million would have been eligible for medicaid if their home states had opted into the ACA.


The Marimekko chart allows you to drill-down into the 2.7 million, splitting them first into those eligible and ineligible for aid and then breaking each of these categories into sub-categories.  The 100% stacked bar chart compares the breakdown in states that opted into the ACA and those that did not.  It shows that almost 20% of those in non-Medicaid expansion states would be eligible in they lived in a state that opted into the ACA.

I used similar colors for the segments to make comparison across the charts easier.  I also added percentages of the 27 million, using a 100% row, to the Marimekko chart so that the readers could see the percentage of uninsured in each category.  Here is the chart in SlidesShre to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: