Stacked Cascade/Waterfall Chart of Dunkin Donuts Stores by Region

Announcing Our New Webinar--Building Effective Strategic Charts

I'm excited to deliver a webinar on December 11 and 10:30 (EST).   My goal is to show you how to create charts like those used by top strategy professionals.  I've noticed that the charting experts at Fortune 500 strategy groups, private equity and consulting firms use a similar set of charts to structure a strategy problem.  I will share some of those charts with you in the webinar.

I will start from the premise that the strategy professional is suggesting ways to increase revenue to his senior management team.  I will create slides to answer these key questions:

  • Where is my revenue coming from now?
  • What are the trends over time in revenue by market segment?
  • How can I drill down into a specific dimension such as revenue by region?
  • How can I show trends in future revenue growth?
  • After I recommend specific actions, how will my proposed changes impact profit?

I will introduce you to four chart types--marimekko, bar mekko, cascade and 100% stacked bar.  You will learn how these charts can be used to answer the questions above.  I will throw in some special tips that I've seen to make these charts drive home your key message.

If you'd like to sign-up, visit the webinar page on our website.