100% stacked bar chart of Apple's revenue by category and region and expense by category for Q1 2019

Apple Revenue and Expense Profile

The iPhone contributes 62% of Apple’s sales, as shown in the first bar of this 100% stacked bar chart. Services account for 13%, which is higher than Macs, iPads or other products. Data are for Q1 2019 and are from the company's financial statements.  Among regions, Americas accounted for 44% of Apple's $84B net sales, Europe 24%, Greater China 16% and japan and the rest of Asia Pacific 8% each.  Cost of product sales were 79% of Apple's Q1 expenses.  The remaining 21% were split almost evenly among selling, general and administrative, cost of services, and research and development.


Apple Revenue and Expense Profile in a 100% Stacked Bar Chart

100% stacked bar chart of Apple's revenue by category and region and expense by category for Q1 2019

How I Made This 100% Stacked Bar Chart

The 100% stacked bar chart can replace several pie charts and provide a concise profile of a company's performance.  In this case we showed 2 different revenue breakdowns and a cost breakdown.  If you have access to more company data, you can use this chart to show revenue breakdown by customer type, channel, geography or any other relevant variable.  The chart can provide a one-stop profile that is easy for senior management to review and interpret.  Here is a screen capture of the data used to create the chart: Imgae of mekko Graphics Data Editor for Apple Revenue and Expense Profile Chart Here are the steps to make this stacked bar-mekko chart with data row:

  • create a new 100% stacked bar chart in PowerPoint
  • input the data from Apple's Q1 2019 financial statement
  • review the bars and determine which would be the most useful to show
  • hide all bars except net sales by category and geography and expenses
  • use data scaling to convert numbers from millions to billions
  • add $ as prefix and B as suffix to bar totals
  • show segment labels with series name and calculated percent
  • hide axis lines, tick marks and values
  • add y axis title
  • adjust internal chart margins
  • color each segment to make bars shades of blue, green and grey

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics. See more bar charts in our chart gallery. Here are some other charts that may be of interest: