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Wine Exports by Country

Over 70% of the $25B wine exports are from Europe with 47% from France and Italy, as shown in this Marimekko chart. The other large European exporters are Spain, Germany, Portugal and the UK. Australia and Chile are the largest non-European exporters, followed by the US, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa. Data are from […]

Apple Services Revenue Growth

Apple’s revenue from services is growing faster than its product revenue. Services revenue has reached $50B, which is 19% of total, as shown in this line and stacked bar chart. Apple's total revenue for the 12 months ending in Q2 2020 was $268B. Products accounted for 81% or $218B and services the other 19% and […]

Racial Wealth Gap in the US

There is a significant wealth gap between black and white households in the US. Black households have 153% lower median net worth and 26% lower income than white households. They are also less likely to own a home, business and stock, as shown in these cluster bar charts with bar comparison lines. Data on net […]

US Employment Decline Slows

Private sector employment decreased by 2.8M jobs or 3% in May. The decline in April was much steeper with 19.6M jobs lost. Data for the two months are combined into this waterfall chart that is based on the ADP National Employment Report. The leisure and hospitality sector was hit hardest in March. It lost 7.7 […]

European Football Schedule Changes

The Covid pandemic ended the season in France’s Ligue 1 and extended the season in other top European football leagues well into their summer breaks, as shown in this Gantt chart. All five top European football leagues started their 2019-20 fixtures between the 9th and 24th of August and all stopped playing between the 8th […]

US COVID Deaths in Long-Term Care

For most states, the majority of Covid-19 deaths were in long-term care facilities, as shown in this horizontal bar chart. For the country as a whole, 42% of all Covid-19 deaths were in long-term care facilities. Minnesota's 635 Covid deaths in long-term care were 81% of the state's total Covid deaths.  Rhode Island, New Hampshire […]

US Covid-19 Deaths by Race

Covid-19 has affected Black Americans more than other racial groups, as shown in this 100% stacked bar chart. While Blacks make up 12.5% of the US population and 18.2% in places where Covid-19 deaths are occurring, they account for 22.4% of deaths. Data are from the National Center for Health Statistics and were reported in […]

COVID Impact on US Employment

Private sector employment decreased by over 20 million jobs or 16% between March and April, as shown in this waterfall chart. March employment was 129 million jobs according to the ADP National Employment Report. April employment fell to 109 million. The leisure and hospitality sector was hit hardest. It lost 8.6 million jobs, which was […]

Tech Giants Market Cap Rebound

Tech giants lost $1.28T in value in a little over one month and then gained it all back, as shown in this cluster bar chart with bar comparison lines and data column. Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook lost 24%, 28%, 29% and 30% respectively. Amazon fared the best among the tech giants, losing only 9% […]

WHO Contributions by Country

WHO contributions are evenly split among the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Americas contributed $164M or 34% of the 2020 WHO budget. Europe and Asia followed with $156M (32%) and $150M (31%), respectively. Countries in Oceania and Africa in total  contributed 3% to the World Health Organization. Among individual countries, the US is the largest […]