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Game Action in Sports Broadcasts

The ball is in play, 10% or less of the time in NFL and MLB broadcasts. In contrast, game action, that is the time the ball or puck is in play, accounts for 50% of the time in EPL (soccer) broadcasts, as shown in the horizontal 100% stacked bar chart on the left. The rest […]

Public and Private College Costs

Average cost for private colleges  is more than double public college costs. Tuition accounts for almost all of the difference, as shown in the cascade chart on the right. Tuition has been increasing slightly more quickly in public colleges over the past decade, but the gap is still quite large, as shown in the line […]

Smartphone Multiplier

Sales of phones themselves make up only 51% of the $944B market for smartphones, as shown in this 100% stacked bar chart. Deloitte calls the related products and services that make up the remaining 49% the smartphone multiplier. Mobile advertising, apps and accessories are the largest categories with $176B, $118B and $77B in projected 2020 […]

Music Streaming Growth

Over 1 trillion songs were streamed in the US in 2019. Overall music streaming grew 47% per year from 2014-19, as shown in this stacked bar chart. Audio streaming grew faster than video streaming and now accounts for 65% of all songs streamed, up from 48% in 2014. Sales of digital and physical albums fell […]

Electric Scooter Injuries

Head injuries were common among both scooter riders and nonriders who presented at the ER, as shown in this 100% stacked bar chart of electric scooter injuries. Fractures, contusions and lacerations were common. Only 4% of riders who came to the emergency room wore helmets. Among riders, falling was the most common cause of scooter […]

China’s Global Spending

After peaking in 2017, China’s global spending has shrunk significantly over the last 2 years, as shown in this stacked bar chart. From 2005 to 2017, China's global investments grew from $10B to $176B and its global construction spending grew from $9B to $85B. Overall investment grew at a 25% annual rate. Between 2017 and […]

Most Expensive Footballers

England has 45% of the 166 European footballers valued over €50M, as shown in this Marimekko chart. While almost half of these high value footballers are forwards, there are only 8 full backs and 5 goalkeepers. Data are provided by CIES Football Observatory and are based on estimated transfer value as of 7 January 2020. […]

Cost of Fully Loaded Mac Pro

The Mac Pro with a base price of $5,999 can cost almost $53,000 when fully loaded, as shown in this cascade chart with data rows. The increase from 32G to 1.5T of memory is the costliest upgrade, adding $25,000 to the base price. A $10,800 graphics upgrade and a $7,000 processor upgrade are the next […]

Time Spent on Digital Media

Americans spend 70% of their digital media time on smartphones, up from 57% two years ago, as shown in the 100% stacked bar chart on the left. Time spent on desktops went down from 34% to 23% and time spent on tablets went down from 9% to 7%. Almost all of the digital media time […]

Thanksgiving Weekend E-commerce Revenue

Thanksgiving weekend e-commerce revenue has grown 20% per year over the past 3 years, as shown in this stacked bar chart.  About 1/3 of the 5-day weekend's sales occur on Cyber Monday. In 2019, Black Monday accounted for $9.4B of the $28.4B total weekend sales. Black Friday is the second biggest day for e-commerce sales, […]