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TV and Streaming Snapshot

Streaming made up 28% of total television watching, placing it between cable and broadcast. Netflix was the most watched streaming service. The data are presented in a 100% stacked bar chart with exploding column. Nielsen collects this data for the US monthly and it is available here. Streaming and Television Watching in a 100% Stacked […]

Highest Paid Athletes in 2021

Conor McGregor, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Dak Prescott all topped $100M in income. Naomi Osaka was the only female athlete in the top 20.  The data are from the Forbes 2021 list of highest paid athletes. Some athletes received over 90% of their earnings from endorsements, including Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. Others received […]

Smartphone Penetration

Smartphone penetration varies among the top 20 markets, ranging from 18% in the Philippines to 82% in the US, as shown in this horizontal bar chart with data column. India holds the biggest growth opportunity. Its 439 million users make up only 32% of its population. Bangladesh, Philippines and Pakistan also have relatively low penetration. […]

Nike Brand Revenue Profile

Footwear accounts for more than twice the Nike brand revenue as apparel and men’s products more than women’s and kids combined. This 100% stacked bar chart profiles Nike revenue by product category, consumer type, channel and region. Direct to consumer sales makes up 35% of Nike brand revenue when compared to sales to wholesale customers. […]

Nike Revenue Breakdown

Footwear accounts for most of Nike revenue in all regions, as shown in this Marimekko chart. North America accounted for $17.2B or 39% of 2021 revenue, followed by EMEA and then China. Footwear made up between 61%-69% of revenue in each region. Apparel accounted for most of the remainder with equipment at 4% of revenue […]

Aquatic Litter Materials and Sources

Plastics are the most common aquatic litter material across all environments. The most common source was take-out items like plastic bags and food wrappers, as shown in these horizontal 100% stacked bar charts. Aquatic litter data are from "Morales-Caselles, C., Viejo, J., Martí, E. et al. An inshore–offshore sorting system revealed from global classification of ocean […]

Renewable Capacity Additions

Renewable capacity additions in 2020 expanded by more than 45% from 2019, with growth in both wind and solar. China accounted for 72GW of the 86GW of incremental added capacity, as shown in these waterfall charts. Renewable capacity data from Renewable Energy Market Update 2021. Renewable Capacity Additions by Technology and by Region in Two […]

Social Media Usage Growth

The number of social media users worldwide has grown 61% from 2016-2020, while average time spent per user per day has grown only 13%, as shown in these bar charts with growth lines and data rows. Growth rate for number of users and time spent has decreased over the past few years. Year over year […]

Internet Unconnected

Most of the 3+ billion internet unconnected are in Asia and Africa. Regional adoption rates vary widely, from 71% in Eastern Asia to 24% in Eastern Africa, as shown in this 100% stacked bar chart with data column. Data on the internet unconnected come from Digital 2021: Global Overview Report. Internet Unconnected in a 100% […]

PC Shipments Growth

PC shipments grew 55% year over year during the first quarter of 2021. Apple and Acer had the highest growth rates, while Dell lagged its major competitors, as shown in this bar-mekko chart with data rows and average line. PC shipments data were compiled by IDC. PC Shipments in a Bar Mekko Chart with Data […]