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Terrorism Incidents in the EU

Ethno-nationalists and separatists were responsible for over 60% of the terrorism attacks in the EU in 2018, as shown in these marimekko charts.  The UK and France were the primary target countries.  56 of the 129 incidents were ethno-nationalist or separatist incidents that took place in the United Kingdom.  Jihadists were responsible for 24 of […]

Desktop vs. Mobile Internet Advertising Revenue

Mobile internet advertising revenue grew at a 77% annual rate (CAGR) over the past 5 years, while desktop ad revenue CAGR was just 1%.  Data for desktop, mobile and total internet as revenue, year over year growth rates in each, and mobile share of total revenue are presented in this stacked bar chart with data […]

Growth in the Wealthy by Region

The number of ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) will grow fastest in Europe, Russia and Asia and will lag in North America, as shown in this bar-mekko chart.  Europe. North America and Asia have the most individuals with wealth of at least $30M.  Data on ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) is from the Knight Frank […]

Meat Consumption by Country and Type

Both amount of meat consumption and mix of meat type consumed vary greatly by country with the US consuming over 100 kg per person and India under 4 kg per person, as shown in these bar charts.  China's 62 kg per person is 60% pork, while Argentina's 107 kg per person is over 50% beef.  […]

Gender Gap in Unpaid Care Work

Women perform over ¾ of the unpaid care work worldwide and they spend more time working than men, as shown in this 100% stacked bar chart.  Women spend about 265 minutes per day on care work and men spend just 83 minutes.  Men spend 322 minutes on paid work and women spend 183.  Overall, men […]

Internet Advertising Revenue Profile

Mobile accounted for 65% of the $107.5B internet ad revenue in 2018, as shown in this 100% stacked bar chart.  Spending is slightly higher in the second half of the year, with H2 contributing 54%.  The top 10 companies control ¾ of spend and the next 15 added another 7%.  Search is the most popular […]

Fiat-Renault Combined Sales

The proposed Fiat-Renault combination will provide Renault with a presence in North America, as shown in these Marimekko charts.  Both firms are strong in EMEA and the smaller South American market.  Neither firm is very strong in the Asia-Pacific market.  Their combined share of total vehicle sales ranges from 22% in South America and 19% in […]

Weekend Getaway Costs

It’s almost 4 times more expensive to getaway to Milan for a weekend than to getaway to Istanbul, as shown in this horizontal bar chart.  Data from Deutsche Bank's Mapping the World's Prices 2019 report indicate that the cost of a weekend getaway to Milan is $2,706, to New York City is $1,631 and to […]

Airline Baggage Fees

While revenue from baggage fees increased by $1.3B among the top 6 US carriers from 2010-2018, most of the additional revenue went to just 3, as shown in this stacked bar chart.  Baggage revenue was close to flat for American, United and Delta--the three largest carriers.  It was up between 24% and 29% per year […]

US Citrus Fruit Production

Oranges make up over 60% of the citrus produced in the US, as shown in this Marimekko chart. Farmers in California and Florida are the principal suppliers of most types of citrus fruit.  Jointly, they supply almost all the oranges.  California alone supplies almost all the lemons, tangerines, mandarins and tangelos.  Grapefruit are supplied almost […]