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Covid-19 Impact on IPOs

The number and value of IPOs declined by over 30% worldwide in Q2 20, as shown in these two stacked bar charts. Covid-19 IPO impact was felt across the three regions tracked by the EY Global IPO Trends Q2 2020 Report.   The largest declines were in EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) where the […]

Covid-19 Tourism Impact

International airline arrivals fell 56% worldwide from Jan-May 2020, as shown in this bar-mekko chart.  Covid-19 tourism faced the largest decline in Asia-Pacific and Europe, where international arrivals fell 60% and 58% respectively. These were also the regions with the most international arrivals in 2019. There were 361 million in Asia-Pacific and 746 million in […]

Cloud Revenue Growth

Microsoft, Amazon and Google each reported significant growth in quarterly cloud revenue, as shown in these bar charts that are based on company data for the quarter ending June 30, 2020. Year over year growth rates were 17% for Microsoft's Intelligent Cloud segment, 29% for Amazon Web Services and 43% for Google Cloud. Microsoft's cloud […]

20 Highest Paid Athletes

Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi all topped $100M in income, as shown in this horizontal bar chart with data column. Six basketball players were among the top 20. The data are from the Forbes 2020 list of highest-paid athletes. Some athletes received over 95% of their earnings from endorsements, including Federer and Tiger […]

Electric Car Growth

The number of electric cars has grown at 80% annually over the decade to reach 7 million in 2019, as shown in this stacked bar chart with growth line and CAGR column. Two-thirds of the electric cars are in the US and China. Data are from  International Energy Agency Global EV Outlook 2020.  The IEA […]

Mobile Data Pricing Worldwide

The US is the most expensive and India the least when buying a 1 GB mobile data plan among the 25 largest countries, as shown in this horizontal bar chart. The mobile data price range is quite large with the average cost in the US of $8.00 and in India of $.09. Data are from […]

Wine Exports by Country

Over 70% of the $25B wine exports are from Europe with 47% from France and Italy, as shown in this Marimekko chart. The other large European exporters are Spain, Germany, Portugal and the UK. Australia and Chile are the largest non-European exporters, followed by the US, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa. Data are from […]

Apple Services Revenue Growth

Apple’s revenue from services is growing faster than its product revenue. Services revenue has reached $50B, which is 19% of total, as shown in this line and stacked bar chart. Apple's total revenue for the 12 months ending in Q2 2020 was $268B. Products accounted for 81% or $218B and services the other 19% and […]

Racial Wealth Gap in the US

There is a significant wealth gap between black and white households in the US. Black households have 153% lower median net worth and 26% lower income than white households. They are also less likely to own a home, business and stock, as shown in these cluster bar charts with bar comparison lines. Data on net […]

US Employment Decline Slows

Private sector employment decreased by 2.8M jobs or 3% in May. The decline in April was much steeper with 19.6M jobs lost. Data for the two months are combined into this waterfall chart that is based on the ADP National Employment Report. The leisure and hospitality sector was hit hardest in March. It lost 7.7 […]