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Presidential Candidates Social Media Spend

The presidential candidates spend over $1.4M on Facebook and Google for the week of March 3-10, 2019. President Trump outspent his challengers, as shown in this Marimekko chart.  His campaign accounted for about 40% of the total Facebook spend and 2/3 of the total Google spend. Spending data was compiled by Bully Pulpit Interactive. Most candidates followed […]

High-Speed Rail Lines Worldwide

Two-thirds of high-speed rail track is in China, as shown in this Marimekko chart.  USA and Europe lag behind with just 1.6% and 19.7%, respectively.  Data are provided by UIC, The Worldwide Railway Organization. High-speed rail in Asia includes China's 31,043km, Japan's 3,041km, 887km in South Korea, 594km in Turkey, 453km in Saudi Arabia and […]

How Do Teenagers Spend Their Time?

Sleep and leisure activities take up most of a teenager’s day as shown in the Marimekko chart below left.  Boys spend more time on screens and in class, while girls spend more time on homework and grooming, as shown in the bar chart on the right.  Data on U.S. teenagers are from Pew Research. Teenagers […]

Apple Revenue and Expense Profile

The iPhone contributes 62% of Apple’s sales, as shown in the first bar of this 100% stacked bar chart. Services account for 13%, which is higher than Macs, iPads or other products. Data are for Q1 2019 and are from the company's financial statements.  Among regions, Americas accounted for 44% of Apple's $84B net sales, […]

Mobile Phone Penetration in Emerging Economies

Less than a quarter of the adults in India own a smartphone, while another 40% own mobile phones, as shown in this bar mekko chart.  Smartphone and mobile phone penetration is higher in other emerging economies. Data are from a Pew Research survey. Among the six large emerging economies in the bar mekko chart, smartphone […]

Decacorns—World's Largest Unicorns

While there are over 300 unicorns, there are only 20 decacorns.  These private companies with valuations of $10 billion or more are grouped by country and shown in this Marimekko chart.  Data for this chart come from CB Insights and were computed on January 23, 2019. Twelve of the decacorns are from the US.  They […]

Nobel Laureates in Economics

Just under half of the 83 Nobel laureates in economics came from 6 U.S. universities, as shown in this Marimekko chart.  University of Chicago led all other organizations with 12 of the 83 economics Nobel laureates.  University of California, Harvard, Princeton, MIT and Columbia rounded out the top 6.  22 laureates (29%) came from other […]

Best Picture Nominees’ Box Office Revenue

The 2018 nominees, led by Black Panther, had more than double the revenue of the 2017 cohort, as shown in this stacked bar chart. Three 2018 nominees were among the top 4 in pre-nomination box office revenue for all nominees between 2014 and 2018.  The pre-nomination box office for best picture nominees or 2014-2018 are […]

Start-Up Funding

Funding of US VC-backed start-ups reached almost $100B in 2018, up from $76B in 2017, as shown in these bar charts. While the number of deals funded fell by 5%, the average deal size increased 37%.  Data are from the PwC/CB Insights MoneyTree Report for Q4 2018. Funding showed a steady increase from 2014-2018, going […]

Who Uses Uber and Lyft?

Ride-hailing services are more widely used by younger, better educated and higher income Americans, as shown in this 100% stacked bar chart.  Overall 36% of Americans say they have used a ride-hailing service.  If they are under 30, a college grad or earn over $75k, the percentage increases to over 50%, according to data from […]