Stacked bar chart of box office revenue for best picture nominees from 2014-2018

Best Picture Nominees’ Box Office Revenue

The 2018 nominees, led by Black Panther, had more than double the revenue of the 2017 cohort, as shown in this stacked bar chart. Three 2018 nominees were among the top 4 in pre-nomination box office revenue for all nominees between 2014 and 2018.  The pre-nomination box office for best picture nominees or 2014-2018 are from Box Office Mojo.

Three of the best picture nominees in 2018 had over $200M in pre-nomination box office revenue.  Black Panther with $700M led all nominees over the past 5 years.  Both A Star in Born and Bohemian Rhapsody exceeded $200M.  No 2017 nominees reached $200M and only one other nominee over the past 5 years, The Martian in 2015, exceeded $200M. Post best picture nominees over the past 5 years had under $50M in pre-nomination box office revenue.  Twenty-seven had revenue of under $50M and only 15 exceeded $50M.  One 2018 nominee, Roma, was released by Netflix and reported no pre-nomination box office revenue.  Data for Roma is not on the chart below.

Best Picture Box Office 2014-2018 in a Stacked Bar Chart with Annotation Lines

How I Made This Stacked Bar Chart with Annotation Lines

I used a stacked bar chart to show all the names of the nominated movies and their revenue in one chart.  This allowed the user to see how the total revenue for a year was very dependent on a few popular nominees.  The annotation line feature in Mekko Graphics allows the reader to see the values for the movies with relatively low revenue.  In Mekko Graphics, you can SmartAnnotate multiple labels in a bar.  This arranges the labels and the annotation lines for easy reading.

I copied and pasted the data for this chart from the Box office Mojo web site into Excel.  There was a table for each year.  I added the year to my concatenated table and used the data to create a simple PivotTable.  The table and PivotTable are below:

Here are the steps to make this stacked bar chart with annotation lines:

  • create a stacked bar chart in PowerPoint based on the selected PivotTable data from above
  • sort the data so that the biggest values are on the bottom of each bar
  • use data scaling to change the data in dollars to data in $M
  • show labels in all segments with name of movie and box office revenue
  • show bar totals and segment values with $ as prefix and M as suffix
  • remove the y axis, adjust internal margins and bar gaps to make the bars wider and to maximize the chart area
  • select the labels in the smaller segments in each bar and use the SmartAnnotate feature to dispaly the labels above the bars
  • reduce the font size of the annotated labels and bold the bar totals
  • change the colors for all series to light gray
  • color the bottom series in each bar blue and the winner in 2014-2017 in green
  • add a legend and hide all legend items, except one blue and one green item
  • change the legend label for the green and blue items to "Best Picture Winner" and "Highest Box Office Revenue"
  • position the legend in the upper left of the chart

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics. See more bar charts in our chart gallery. Here are some other charts that may be of interest: