Marimekko of Unicorn Start-Ups by Sector and Geography

Billion Dollar Startups

Angel investors and venture capital firms are on the lookout for what they call unicorns–those rare startups that reach a valuation of over $1 billion.  According to the Wall Street Journal, there are currently 97 unicorns.  They are spread over 5 major sectors and three continents, but are concentrated in the US and in software, consumer internet and ecommerce.  The Marimekko chart below categorizes these unicorns by sector and region.  The data table below the chart lists the three largest in each sector  Maybe the unicorns are more common than we thought and we should be focused on the  eight $10B+ companies.



The Marimekko chart categorizes these unicorns along two key dimensions–region and segment.  To get the chart to convey the this information, I sorted the bars so that the biggest ones appear on the left and the biggest series appear on the bottom.  I excluded the bar “Other” from the sort so that it appears on the far right.  I added three data rows to show the names of the largest companies in each segment.  This helps the viewer better understand the kinds of companies that make up the segment.  I also added a data column to summarize the count of companies by region. I used the alignment buttons in the floating toolbar to line up the data rows with the bar labels.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to view and download: