Marimekko chart of sports teams owned by billionaires by region and sport.

Billionaire Sports Team Owners

Billionaires own 130 teams, including 38 soccer, 24 basketball and 23 football, as shown in this Marimekko chart. According to a UBS/PwC report,  78 are in the USA, 32 are in Asia and 20 in Europe.  In the USA, billionaires own teams across many different sports.  They own 23 each in football and baseball, 15 in basketball and 10 in soccer, and 8 among car racing, lacrosse and rugby.

Soccer is the most popular sport for billionaire owners in Europe and Asia.  Soccer accounts for 14 of the 32 billionaire owned teams in Europe and 14 of 28 in Asia.  Ice hockey and cricket are distant followers in the rest of the world.  Car racing, rugby and basketball teams also have billionaire owners in Europe or Asia.

Marimekko and 100% Stacked Bar Charts

Marimekko chart of sports teams owned by billionaires by region and sport.

How I Created the Marimekko and 100% Stacked Bar Charts

I used two charts to show both the breakdown of team ownership for the whole world and for each region.  The 100% stacked bar chart on the left is a simple way to show the number of teams owned by billionaires in each sport.  With the Marimekko chart, I added a geography dimension.  The size of the bars relate to the proportion of teams owned by billionaires in each region.

I saw two other representations of this data,  In the UBS PwC report, the data are presented in four interlocking donut charts--one for worldwide and one for each region.  This representation was complex and confusing.  Statista used bar charts for each region.  This was simpler, but did not capture the relative number of owners in each region.

Here are the steps I used to make the charts:

  • enter the data into the Mekko Graphics Marimekko chart with columns for each region and rows for the sports
  • sort the bars with biggest on left and series with biggest on bottom
  • remove axes and adjust margins so that the chart fills the width of its container.
  • annotate the smaller labels in each bar
  • close and copy the chart
  • create a new column with the sums across regions for each sport
  • hide all the columns, except the new one to create a one bar Marimekko chart (equivalent to a one bar 100% stacked bar chart)
  • close the chart and adjust the two chart widths and locations so that they are side-by-side
  • open the Marimekko chart to adjust series colors to match the 100% stacked bar chart.

Take These Charts and Make Them Your Own

Download these charts and edit them using Mekko Graphics.  To learn more about Marimekko charts, visit The Power of Mekko Charts on our website or see these examples from our Chart Gallery.

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