Bar chart of Black Friday spending by year by channel

Black Friday Trend

Retail analysts are expecting a strong holiday shopping season in the U.S. this year. Some experts have predicted the fall of Black Friday as the most dominant shopping day of the season since consumers are shopping earlier and online continues to take market share. If you look at the trend in Black Friday sales, you can see that 2015 was the biggest year since the financial crisis, accounting for nearly 11% of total holiday shopping. Are you one of the millions who will flock to stores this Friday in search of holiday deals?


We created this stacked bar chart to show you the trend in Black Friday shopping. We used a CAGR growth line instead of an absolute growth line to compare overall growth over the period to growth by segment (In-Store and Online) shown in the CAGR column. We added the legend and chose “Align to CAGR” as the legend position to both reduce visual clutter and make it easier to understand the CAGR data. The data rows in this chart allow us to add supplementary data that helps contribute to the overall conclusion. We could have plotted total holiday sales as a separate series, but we chose to show Black Friday as a % of Total Holiday Shopping in the data row to keep the audience focused on the overall trend for Black Friday.

You can download this chart on SlideShare: