Stacked cluster bar showing U.S. Car and Truck Sales by Month

Can I make a stacked cluster bar chart?

A user recently asked how to combine the stacked bar and cluster bar types into a single chart. Here's the chart I created in response to that question.U.S. Car and Truck Sales by Month

Here's how I created the chart:

Step 1: I organized data from The Bureau of Economic Statistics for U.S. automotive industry sales for the first 3 months of 2017. Here's the data sheet for the chart. You'll notice that I used a data row to show the name of the month below the bar names.

U.S. Automotive Unit Sales by Month for 2017


Step 2: I determined how I wanted the data displayed by clicking on Bars and Series in the Mekko Graphics ribbon. Under Series, Visibility, I set the last series as a data row. Under Bars, Options, I chose to cluster the bars into groups of 3 (see below).
Selecting number of bars to show in a cluster


Step 3: I formatted the chart. First, I added a legend by choosing Legend from the Mekko Graphics ribbon. Next, I added a Y axis title to the chart by right clicking on the axis and typing the title into the floating menu. Finally, I removed the "Data Row" label for the month names by right clicking on it and selecting Hide.