100% Stacked Bar Chart Comparing Music Industry Streaming Revenue to Downloads and Physical Sales

Can Streaming Save the Music Industry?

Streaming revenue grew 23% from H1 2014 to H1 2015, while revenue from physical media (e.g., CDs and vinyl) and digital downloads declined.  In H1 2015, streaming brought in more revenue than physical media sales and accounted for 1/3 of total recorded music revenue.  The chart and table, based on data from the RIAA, show the changes in mix of music industry revenue.

Music Streaming

To capture the relative size of each market segment and to highlight segment growth, I chose a 100% stacked bar chart with a data column.  H1 and H2 revenue by segment are in the chart and the growth rate is in the data column.  After playing with several options, I decided to make the chart like a data table in the following steps:

  1. hid the x and y axis
  2. created a data column with the growth rates from H1 2014 to H1 2015
  3. created a second data column with the names of each market segment and moved this to the left of the first bar
  4. displayed revenue numbers and percentages on separate lines in each bar segment
  5. aligned the middles of the market segment names with the middles of the data in the first bar
  6. changed series colors to make the downloads and physical series a medium gray and highlighting the streaming series in red
  7. changed the color of the streaming growth label to red and bold
  8. added segment links between the bars and changed the colors of the segment links around streaming to red
  9. swapped the places of the bar totals and bar names to ake the chart read more like a table (and removed the annotation lines)

While there are many steps, each could be done quickly.  They helped the chart drive home the slide's message very succinctly.  You can verify this my comparing this one chart to the several charts and data table in the RIAA report referenced above.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit with Mekko Graphics: