Mekko and Excel

10 Excel Tips You Should Know

The HBR article, 10 Excel Functions Everyone Should Know, inspired…
Data sheet for a stacked bar chart
Blank Menu

The right click menus in Mekko Graphics are blank. What happened?

If you're using Mekko Graphics and the drop down menus on…
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Sample Charts Using Axis Breaks, CAGRS, Data Rows, Data Columns and Special Characters

5 Ways to Enhance Your Charts

Mekko Graphics is loaded with features to help you make better…
Area chart comparing YTD actual and forecast sales by month

Can I use an area chart to compare YTD actual results to forecast?

This question was submitted to Ask an Expert. You can use…
Stacked cluster bar showing U.S. Car and Truck Sales by Month

Can I make a stacked cluster bar chart?

A user recently asked how to combine the stacked bar and cluster…
Tips and Tricks for Using Mekko Graphics

10 Tips Every Mekko Graphics User Should Know

1. Scale your data to simplify a chart.  Click on Chart in the…
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Mekko Graphics feature to format all chart labels at the same time.

How do I make all of my chart labels the same size?

I prefer to make all chart labels the same size for better readability.…