Sales Pipeline Analysis Cascade/Waterfall Chart
Cascade/waterfall chart of skyscrapers built in 2017 by country

Skyscrapers Built in 2017

Over half (76 of 144) of the skyscrapers were built in China…
Area chart comparing YTD actual and forecast sales by month

Can I use an area chart to compare YTD actual results to forecast?

This question was submitted to Ask an Expert. You can use…
4 examples of bar mekko charts

Why Would I Use a Bar Mekko?

We each have our own preferences when choosing a chart type and…
Cluster bar chart of Revenue, COGS, SG&A, R&D, Net Income for 5 Years

What's the best chart for showing P&L trends?

The cluster bar chart is often the first chart type to try when…
Marimekko chart as a heatmap

Can I use a Marimekko like a Heatmap?

A user recently asked us how to make a heatmap marimekko chart.…
Stacked bar comparing revenue, COGS, SG&A, R&D, net income and margins for 10 countries
Bronze cube picture

Think Outside the Box (or Bar)

We often advise users to start with a stacked or cluster bar…

Why Use a Marimekko Chart?