Marimekko charts of chocolate production and consumption by region and country

Chocolate Production and Consumption

Cocoa production is concentrated in a few African, South American and Asian countries with almost 3/4 of all cocoa produced in Africa.  Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana are by far the world's two largest producers.  Consumption is concentrated in the developed world with Europe and the US the two largest consumers.  Data from Cocoa Barometer are summarized in the two charts below:

The two Marimekko charts show cocoa consumption and production by country and region.  I like this view better than the map view shown by Cocoa Barometer with production represented by bubbles of different sizes on a world map.  The Marimekkos show the proportion of production and consumption in each region and in the countries within the region.  I used two side-by-side charts to contrast producing and consuming countries.  I used the same coloring in each chart with each region in a different color and each country in a shade of that color.  I also aligned the two charts, made the fonts the same in each and eliminated the Y axis from the second chart.  The above chart is in SlideShare and can be downloaded and edited using Mekko Graphics.