Bar Mekko of SaAS Penetration by Category

Cloud Market Growth Bar-mekko

Bain and Company published a recent paper on the Software as a Service (SaaS) market entitled, “The cloud reshapes the business of software.”  They highlight the software market segments in which cloud has the highest penetration now and in 2015 and contrast that to the size of market segment.  They produced the following Bar-mekko chart:

Bar-mekko chart showin SaaS Penetration by Software Category

This is an excellent example of using a Bar-mekko.  You can see the relative size of each category (enterprise and office suites are relatively large) and the penetration of SaaS in each category (high in web conference and team collaboration and low in office suites).  You can also look at growth in penetration between 2011 and 2015.

As a maker of software that works with office suites, I’m interested in seeing what percentage of my customers will be moving to the cloud in the next few years.  It looks like office suites will be a laggard in the movement to the cloud.

Please note that my data is approximate.  I just eyeballed the data in the Bain Insights article to create a similar chart.  Here’s a copy of my chart in PowerPoint: