Marimekko chart of US wedding costs based on weddingwire data

Cost of Weddings in America

Venue and food are the two biggest wedding cost categories, but they only make up about half of the average cost as shown in this Marimekko chart.  Weddingwire's survey of 17,862 US weddings from 2017 showed that venue spending was over $13,000 and included lighting and flowers.  Food spending, which included wedding catering, wedding cake and rehearsal dinner, was over $9,000.  The other larger cost categories were clothes/jewelry and makeup, music and photo and video.

Wedding Cost Marimekko Chart

Marimekko chart of US wedding costs based on weddingwire data

How I Created This Marimekko Chart

Weddingwire summarized the data in a horizontal stacked bar chart with the biggest item on top.  I though that summarizing the items into categories made it easier to see how the costs broke down.  The groupings seemed natural to me and I reviewed them with two colleagues.

Here are the steps to create this chart:

  • copy data from table on Weddingwire site into Mekko Graphics data editor
  • add bar headings for different categories and move data into appropriate columns
  • sort chart with biggest bars on left and biggest segments on bottom
  • change coloring mode to color by bars and adjust colors of individual bars
  • change borders and axes color to white
  • edit grand total label to show that it reflects total of average costs
  • adjust internal chart margins and label fonts

Take This Chart and Make it Your Own

Download this marimekko chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics. See more Marimekko charts in our chart gallery. Here are some other charts that may be of interest to you: