Marimekko chart with Michelin three star restaurants by country and region

Countries with the Most Michelin 3 Star Restaurants

Japan leads with 34 Michelin three star restaurants.  These are restaurants that, according to the Michelin guide, provide exceptional cuisine worth a special journey.  France, the home of the guide, is second with 25.  The USA is third with 14.  Spain, Germany, China and Italy follow with 11, 11, 10 and 9 three star restaurants, respectively.

Tokyo leads Paris with 12 3 star restaurants to Paris' 10.  Kyoto and Hong Kong have 8 and 6, respectively.  These cities have more than both New York and London.

While the number of three star restaurants in Asia has grown over the last several years, there are still many fewer in Asia than in Europe.  The Marimekko chart below is based on data from the most recent Michelin guides and reported in Wikipedia.

Marimekko Chart

Michelin three star restaurants by country and region in a marimekko chart created using Mekko Graphics. Cities with most are included in data rows below the chart.

How I Created This Chart

I was surprised by how many of the top restaurants were in Asia, according to Michelin.  The Marimekko chart captures this by showing all three stars grouped by country and region.  I struggled with how to add cities to the chart.  I first tried to make a chart that included cities instead of countries, but the chart was more complex and not as clear.  By using data rows, I can have information on top cities and still have a chart grouped into countries and regions.

I manually entered the data from Wikipedia.  There was not a great deal of data and it was not available in a format that made it easy to copy and paste.  I sorted the data with the biggest segments on the bottom of each bar and the widest bars on the left.  I used the Other Countries series to group all countries with 2 or fewer 3 star restaurants.  I used the data rows to show the top cities in each region.

I did some minor formatting to get the Marimekko chart to look polished.  I used ( and ) parentheses as custom prefix and suffix to the number values in the chart.  I adjusted internal margins to fill the chart area and leave room at the bottom for the data rows.  I also centered the data rows under the bars.  I used the color by series after sort option and adjusted the series colors so that each bar had shades of the same base color.

Take This Chart and Make it Your Own

Download this Marimekko chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics.