Bubble Chart for U.S. Beer Market with Price, Growth and Category Share by Segment

Craft Beer and Cider Lead the US Beer Category in Growth and Price

While the $24 billion US domestic beer market grew at just 3.3% last year, craft beer, ciders and a few other specialty segments had significantly higher growth.  These high growth categories also commanded premium prices.  Both craft beers and ciders were priced 50% higher than the category average.  Overall category growth and pricing are most strongly influenced by the two largest, lowest -priced, and slowest growing segments: below premium and premium beers.  The bubble chart below, based on data from Nielsen,  shows each segment's relative price and growth rate:

US Beer Market Segmented


The bubble chart allows me to classify the beer market segments along both the price and growth dimensions.  The third dimension (bubble size) shows the relative market share of each segment.  Since the growth rate for cider is over three times greater than any other segment, I made it an outlier.  This is indicated by the arrow to the right of its bubble.  I manually added the growth rate to the cider label.  I also used colors to group the bubbles into  1) low-price, low growth blue shades, 2) mid-price, moderate growth red shades and 3) high-price, high-growth green shades.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit: