Marimekko chart of U.S. craft beer production by state and region

Craft Beer Market Map

There are more than 5,200 craft breweries in the U.S. according to the 2016 Statistics Report released by the Brewers Association. This is more breweries than at any point in U.S. history. While craft breweries produced nearly 25M barrels, this represents just 12% of total beer industry volume in the U.S.

The Western region has the most craft breweries and nearly 1/3 of those are in California. Pennsylvania produces more barrels than any other state.

Barrels produced by state

I showed the % values in each segment of this marimekko chart and I wanted these to be % of the grand total instead of the % of the bar total. To do this, I added a grand total data row in the chart data sheet and then selected that row as the 100% calculation. You can find this option by choosing Chart and then selecting the Values tab and scrolling down to the 100% Calculation drop down menu.

The data in the chart data sheet was actual volume for each state (7 digits of detail). I wanted to show the bar totals and grand total in millions, so I chose Chart, clicked on the Values tab and selected a data scale value of 6.

Production volumes for all 50 states and the District of Columbia were included in the chart data sheet. This resulted in many small series for each region and this made the chart difficult to read. I created the Other series by selecting Bars and Series, clicking on the Series Options tab. I chose to include all series with a value <.335M barrels in Other, as shown below.

Simplifying a chart by combining small series

By adding data rows to this chart, I highlighted regional differences in the total number of breweries and I also showed the top state (based on # of breweries) in each region.

To focus on regional differences instead of individual states in this marimekko chart, I chose a coloring mode of By Bar under Chart on the General tab.

You can download this chart on SlideShare.