100% Stacked Bar of Billable Hours by Project

Displaying Billable Hours by Client

Professional services firms track billable hours by client and project.  They are a leading indicator of revenue and profit.  In my professional services weekly dashboard, I use three charts to present data on billable hours.  The first is a 100% stacked bar chart that shows billable hours by client by week:

Billable Hours by Client by Week

The chart gives you a view into your biggest clients and how they are changing.  You can see that "Global Consumer Products" is the largest client and consistently makes up 20-25% of billable hours.  "National Energy" was the number two client, but it's hours are going down.  You can also see how many of the billable hours are coming from smaller clients.  It's often harder to manage many smaller clients.  The time period for this chart, the last our weeks of actuals and the forecast for the upcoming four weeks, corresponds with the time period in the utilization chart that I discussed in my previous post: https://www.mekkographics.com/charting-utilization-in-a-professional-services-firm/.

Here's the slideshare deck that contains the full dashboard:

I'll discuss the next two charts in my next post.