Bubble Chart of Price and Performance for Ford Cars

Displaying Product Mix in a Price-Performance Bubble Chart

Bubble charts can play a valuable role in marketing presentations.  You can use them to display the price of an item and its performance on a key dimension and contrast those two variables with the item's sales.  This is a good way to present key information on your product line to senior management.  You can identify gaps or overlaps in price-performance.  You can also see the relationship between price-performance and sales.  Are your seeing strongest sales from the middle of your price-performance curve?  Is one of you products poorly positioned and does that affect its sales?  These price-performance-sales charts are most useful in B2B marketing.  They work well if you're supplying motors, ball bearings, tubing or other parts with different prices and performance characteristics.

Below is an illustration for auto manufacturers.  The data is real since car sales by model is publicly available.  I charted Ford's car sales for January-July 2013.  I took the base MSRP and base model horsepower from Ford's website (for US customers).  Sales data came from www.goodcarbadcar.net.

Price-Performance Bubble Chart

You can see that Ford's sales are highest in the lower-middle of the price performance curve.  Focus and Fusion are significantly more popular than the lower priced and less powerful Fiesta and the higher priced and more powerful Taurus and Mustang.  C-Max is an new car and is an outlier with price comparable to the more powerful carts and performance comparable to the Fusion.

Mekko Graphics gives you a great deal of flexibility and power in our bubble charts.  You can use linear or log scales for X and Y axis.  You can also adjust the axis scales and the reference bubble size, as I did in this chart, to spread our the bubbles in the chart area.

I hope you'll think about adding bubble charts to your marketing or strategy presentations.  Here's the chart in PowerPoint for you to work with: