Marimekko chart of doctoral degrees granted by gender and field.

Doctoral Degrees Granted by Field and Gender

While more women than men earned doctoral degrees, the ratio varied by discipline as shown in this Marimekko chart. Women earned less than 1/3 of the degrees in 3 of the STEM disciplines.  The data for this chart is from a Council of Graduate Studies report on the 2016-2017 academic year. Women received  76% of the doctoral degrees in public administration and services.  This field was relatively small, granting only 1,293 degrees.  In the health sciences, 70% of the almost 15,000 degrees were awarded to women.  Education and social and behavioral sciences also granted 60+% of degrees to women. Men, in contrast received 77% of the engineering degrees.  They also received 75% of the math and computer science degrees and 66% of the physical and earth science degrees.  These STEM fields could do more to attract women into graduate programs. The most balanced fields were arts and humanities, biological and agricultural sciences and business.

Doctoral Degrees by Gender and Field Marimekko Chart

Marimekko chart of doctoral degrees granted by gender and field.

How I Created This Marimekko Chart

I saw this data in a horizontal 100% stacked bar created by Statista.  I thought the data were interesting, given the current focus on STEM and engaging girls in science and math.  The horizontal stacked bar did not take into account that some fields graduated far more students (both men and women) than others.  Each bar in the Statista chart was the same width.  The Marimekko chart adjusts bar widths for field size. Here are the steps to make this chart:
  • copy data from Council of Graduate Studies report into an Excel spreadsheet (optional: use pdftables)
  • create Marimekko chart (in either Excel or, PowerPoint) based on the data
  • use Bars and Series dialog to eliminate some columns that were in pdf table from chart
  • recolor men and women series and add legend to bottom of chart
  • show percentage labels in each segment
  • hide labels from 'men' segments
  • add average line
  • use custom sort to order bars (fields) from highest to lowest percentage of women
  • adjust chart margins and resize labels

Take This Chart and Make it Your Own

Download this Marimekko  chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics. See more Marimekko charts in our chart gallery. Here are some other charts that may be of interest to you: