Apply Colors from Cell Spreadsheet

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Apply Colors from Cell Spreadsheet

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APPLIES TO: All Bar and Bubble Charts


In Mekko Graphics, you can choose to use your  Mekko Graphics spreadsheet cell background colors and apply those colors to your chart.  These cell background colors can be obtained by copying data ranges from Excel that have colored cells, either by Excel conditional formatting or by manual application of cell colors.  You can also link to Excel ranges containing cell colors.

In Mekko Graphics, copy from (or link to) a data range in Excel that utilizes fill colors or color-conditional formatting. To apply the Excel formatting to your chart, simply click the Apply Cell Colors from Spreadsheet checkbox in the Format Chart Task Pane.  The Excel colors will be automatically applied to the corresponding segments in your chart. Note, if you manually apply a color to a segment or series in your Mekko Graphics chart, that color will override the spreadsheet color for those segments or series.