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To enter data into your chart, either  double click the chart area or right-click the chart area and select Edit Chart Data to access the data spreadsheet. Alternatively, you may click the Chart Data button in the Edit Chart toolbar.

Bar labels are generally listed across the top of the spreadsheet, and series labels are listed down the spreadsheet.  The first row is designated for Bar names and first column for Series names. The first cell (A1) should be empty.

The chart dynamically draws as you enter data into these rows and columns. To enter data into the spreadsheet, you may do any one of the following:

1.Enter data directly as you would in Excel

2.Copy and paste from an existing Excel spreadsheet

3.Link to Excel.

4.Create the chart directly from Excel


An exciting feature of Mekko Graphics is our Edit in Excel feature. The Edit in Excel image312 button on your spreadsheet toolbar will launch an instance of Excel. Once you press the Edit in Excel button, your Mekko Graphics data will be automatically copied to an Excel spreadsheet and able to be edited. Any edits you make in Excel are then copied back to your data sheet in Mekko Graphics either by clicking back on the data sheet or by clicking the Excel close box.


In Mekko Graphics, series data is represented by rows and bar data is represented by columns in your chart. However, you can choose to flip the chart's display of the data. Your spreadsheet's rows will be displayed as bars, and your columns will be displayed as series.  To switch your rows and columns in the chart's display, click the Switch Bars and Series clip0044 button in your spreadsheet toolbar or in the Edit Chart Toolbar. Your spreadsheet will not change, but the chart will display with the bars and series switched.