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The Excel Link Manager provides important information on all the linked charts and tables in your presentation, including the file path, the name of the linked file, the address of the range, and the status of the link, including the last known date when the range was modified, and provides the ability to update any chart or all charts in your presentation through a single mouse click.


There are 3 possible states of a chart linked to Excel:  


2.Out of sync.  
If the file is out of sync, the reason will be either due to data change in Mekko Graphics (Mekko Graphics icon), Excel (MS Excel icon) or both.

3.Unknown (if Excel file with corresponding linked range is closed)

You can refresh  a link for a specific chart by clicking the Refresh Excel Data button for that row, or refresh all charts in your presentation by choosing the Update Linked Charts button.  Click the Refresh List button to refresh the rows to the latest status.

Included in the Excel Link Manager is an Auto checkbox (for Auto Update).  The Auto checkbox indicates whether or not the chart should update automatically as soon as changes in the linked data are detected. By default this is off, but you can turn this feature on for any linked chart.  If Auto Update is set for the chart, then the user cannot edit data in the Mekko Graphics spreadsheet. Change detection works only while both files, Excel and PowerPoint, are open at the same time.

If you wish to remove a specific Excel link, double click the chart, and from the Link to Excel menu, choose Remove. From that point, the chart only uses the data in the Mekko internal data sheet unless you reestablish a link. You can also remove all the Excel Links in your presentation by clicking the button Remove Excel Links.

For more information on the Link to Excel function please see Link to Excel.