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Mekko Graphics gives you the flexibility to customize the look of your chart by adjusting the boundaries of various chart components.

1.Click the Margins button in the Edit Chart toolbar
Margin boundary lines will appear on your chart. You can adjust your margins by clicking and dragging on the margin handles or by right clicking on the margin and typing in the margin value. Moving margins changes the proportion of space allocated to the different chart components (i.e. charts, grand total, data columns, legend, etc.).

2.Click and drag the handle of the margin to resize up/down or left/right. By clicking and dragging you can add space or reduce space for different elements of the chart, such as data rows and columns, x axis, legends, bar totals, and the chart itself.

3.To turn off the Margin View, click the toggle again.

4.After making margin changes, you can always reset your margins to the default margin setting by selecting Reset Margins

5.If you wish to change the default margin settings for all of your charts, you may set Margin defaults in the Preference Manager.


You have two layout options for margins: Normal and Narrow.  Normal margins accommodate for data rows and columns and legends, while narrow margins allocate more space to the main chart area. Set your chart to have normal or narrow margins by clicking the desired layout in the Margins Layout dropdown menu in the Edit Chart Toolbar.