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Mekko Graphics comes installed with several color palettes. A color palette defines the available colors that you may choose for your charts.  You can also choose to draw segments according to the cell fill colors in your Mekko Graphics spreadsheet

In addition to the color palette that your chart utilizes, you can also select custom colors for your chart on the fly. You can then apply these colors to either series or segments in your chart and those colors will stay with your chart until you remove them.

If you wish to change either the default colors in your chart and/or the draw order of those colors, you can do so easily through the Preference Manager. In addition to providing the ability to customize your global Mekko Graphics preferences, the Preference Manager also provides the ability to manage multiple Mekko Graphics themes.

The Preference Manager allows you to set color definitions for your charts. In the Preference Manager, you may also create custom palettes (themes) and create custom draw orders. You can edit existing colors by changing the name or RGB value, add new colors, and delete colors from both your draw order and color palette. You can also control whether these draw orders are applied before or after you sort your data in Mekko Graphics charts. Once you are satisfied with your color palette, you can change your chart colors in Mekko Graphics by either segment or series.

Reset Colors

If you wish to reset you chart to the default colors defined in the Preference Manager, you can choose Reset Colors from the Color drop down menu in the Edit Chart Toolbar. Reset Colors returns all custom colors for all elements in your chart back to their default colors.


Apply Office Theme Colors

Applies the colors and draw order associated with the current Office theme.


Save Chart Theme to File

Takes the theme associated with the current chart and saves it an .xml file