GANTT CHART - Edit Chart Toolbar

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GANTT CHART - Edit Chart Toolbar

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Inserting a Gantt chart displays a unique Edit Chart toolbar customized for gantt charts. Below is a description of the gantt chart-related Mekko Graphics functions available in the Edit Chart toolbar. Many of these functions are also found on the context (right-click) menus.





Selects the desired color style from the available shades and palettes. The choices in this drop-down menu are driven from the palettes defined in the Preference Manager


Allows you to take the active Preference Manager settings and apply them to your chart. This will change the default chart colors if those colors, fonts, and other features, if they are different from your Preference Manager settings.



Opens the Format Chart Task Pane which provides more advanced Gantt chart-related options



Allows you to access the a calendar control to choose date ranges for headers in your chart.



A toggle that turns on and off the display of years, quarters, months, weeks and days in your gantt chart header. Also allows you to choose formats for each of these time periods.  


Workdays Only excludes weekend days from displaying in your gantt chart.



Allows you to assign a format for your gantt chart tasks, where the tasks are displayed as a list (outline form), boxes, or a combination of boxes and lists.  

The Show Column checkbox allows you to show or hide your task list on the Gantt chart


Allows you the option of displaying one or both resource columns. Once you display your resource column(s), you can also choose to display them on the right or the left hand side of the chart.


Allows you to quickly insert any Gantt chart timeline element into your Gantt chart.