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Insert a chart as you would any other chart in Mekko Graphics. Select Gantt from the Gantt drop down menu in the Mekko Graphics toolbar. There are three Gantt layouts from which to choose:        

Gantt (Tasks as Lists)

Gantt (Tasks as Boxes)

Gantt (Blank)

Choose your desired layout from the Gantt dropdown menu in the Mekko Graphics toolbar. In any Gantt chart, the scale is based on dates. To change the visible date range, click the Calendar icon in the Edit Chart Toolbar and choose your Start and End dates. The calendar scale is initially automatic, but can be a manual scale if needed.



After you have inserted your Gantt chart, you will want to choose your date range. Select the Calendar icon in the Edit Chart Toolbar and choose your Start and End dates. Select the desired start date with a single click, and select the desired end date with another click while holding down the Shift key. You may also just hold down the mouse button and drag the mouse along to determine a range. You can also simply type in the desired dates.When you are done, click OK. The selected date range will then be applied to the chart.

You can also click and drag the handles on the header to adjust your date range. Click and drag the handle at the beginning or end of the range that appears on the selected scale. Using this method, you can quickly expand the chart to cover a larger date range by dragging the handles of a scale with larger units (e.g., years or quarters).


By default, Mekko Graphics displays dates in the “short date” format that is defined in the regional settings of the system.  For the English U.S. local, the short date format is “MM/DD/YY”.  You can change the date format by choosing your desired format in the Timeline section of the selected scale in the Edit Chart toolbar. You can also choose which timeframe periods to include (Years, Quarters, Months, Weeks, Days) by selecting up to three levels in the toolbar.

Therefore, if a presentation is created in one office and either the chart or slide is sent to another office, the date format will change according to the Regional Settings of the target computer/office (unless the locale was custom-set during the chart creation). You still have the capability to change the date format at any time by selecting the range and editing the date format and/or locale. This gives you maximum flexibility in customizing the look of your chart.